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It's February, which means The Suite Spot will be out in just a little more than a month! To celebrate, I'm giving away free stuff, including an adorable postcard featuring Rachel and Mason with artwork from the talented artist and author, Linda Raquel Nieves Pérez. You can use it as a bookmark, hang it on the wall, or even send it to a friend! You'll also get a signed bookplate, and if you missed out on the Float Plan preorder last year, I'll throw in a set of Float Plan stickers.


Here's how it works: If you preorder at your local bookstore, a national chain, or anywhere online, email a photo or screenshot of your receipt, along with a mailing address, to and we'll ship out the goodies directly. This includes anyone who has already preordered, too, so don't feel left out! 


If you preorder from Macintosh Books + Paper, you don't have to lift a finger. Your freebies will be shipped out with your signed copy of The Suite Spot.

The fine print: While supplies last, so don't miss out!

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