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3.18.20 - It's official! FLOAT PLAN will be published March 2, 2021. Add it on Goodreads


3.3.20 - START HERE won the gold medal for young adult fiction in the 2019 Florida Book Awards.


1.25.20 - START HERE was selected for the YALSA 2020 Best Fiction for Young Adults list.

12.10.19 - SOLD: Young adult author Trish Doller’s adult debut FLOAT PLAN, about a young woman who, still grieving the death of her fiancé, decides to take their planned trip to sail the Caribbean alone, where she finds a chance at rebuilding her life and the possibility of new love, to Vicki Lame at St. Martin’s Griffin, for publication in Winter 2021, by Kate Testerman at kt literary (World). German rights, at auction in a significant deal, to Blanvalet Verlag; Romanian rights to Grup Media Litera; Russian rights to Ast; Croatian rights to Znanje; Brazilian rights to Faro Editorial; Italian rights to Sperling & Kupfer Editori; Slovakian rights to Ikar; and Norwegian rights to Cappelen Damm.